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Nursery Rhyme Time

Knowing sounds in words allows children to break apart words orally and use sounds to read and write words. Rhyming helps kids understand sounds in words. You can help your child learn sounds in spoken words by singing silly songs and making up silly words that rhyme. These skills are fun to practice because most children love to play with sounds in words.

Let’s review the Family Resource Nursery Rhyme Time, which helps your child practice rhyming.

During Nursery Rhyme Time, you sing or recite nursery rhymes together and emphasize the words that rhyme. After your child knows some nursery rhymes well, recite part of one that rhymes and have your child say the missing word. For example, you say, “Jack and Jill went up the ________,” and then your child says, “hill.” You can use the nursery rhymes provided or look them up on YouTube. You can also do this with books, as is shown in this video: