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Phonemic Awareness: Reading

You can do this activity with any book.
The goal is to identify individual sounds in different words.

Use a Cool Tool to Talk While You Read

As you read, ask your child to identify the first, last, and middle sounds of selected words.

Here’s a video of a mom and her son sharing a book and talking about changing sounds in words to make new words:

2.1 Read Aloud & Individual Sounds in Words (There’s a Wocket in My Pocket)

Key Points

  • Mom explains that the author changed the first sound in words to make up nonsense, or silly, words. 
  • Mom knows her son isn’t familiar with the word sofa, so they talk about what it means. 
  • Mom has her son repeat some of the words like shelf/zelf and bottle/yottle. This allows him to focus on the first sound that was changed so he not only hears the sounds but says them, too. 

Companion Materials

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