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Rhyme Time Cutouts

Rhyme Time is a great game to play with your child. Before starting the game, it is a good idea to explain what a rhyme is and show your child how to play the game. Throughout the game you can describe the meaning of unknown words to your child. It is helpful to explain why some words rhyme and why others don’t. You can encourage your child to list other rhyming words for practice.

Let's Review Family Resource Rhyme Time

Which helps your child match rhyming word

Cut apart the six sets of picture cards provided for Rhyme Time. You will play with just one numbered set at a time. Be sure your child knows each picture before playing. Place one set of six cards face up in two rows—a Rhyme card row and a Time card row—and do not match the rhymes in your setup. Explain that you want to find rhyming pairs by taking a card from each row. Your child selects any card from the top row and says each word in the bottom row until the rhyme is heard. If the two words rhyme, your child says, "Rhyme Time!" and collects the pair. Continue until three pairs are made and collected. Play with the next numbered set or two sets together. Demonstrate how to take a turn in Rhyme Time. You may also play a memory match game by placing a set in random order face down and turning over two cards per turn to find rhymes.