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Saying Individual Sounds in Words

The activity Saying Individual Sounds in Words helps your child practice identifying the first, last, and middle sounds in words. Explain to your child how to play the game. Begin with the first sound in words. Once your child does that well, practice with the last sound in words. Finally, work on the middle sound of words that have three sounds. When a letter is between forward slashes (/m/), say the sound the letter makes. Show how this is done using two examples.

This video shows a child saying the individual sounds he hears in spoken words:

Key Points

  • Mom explains how to play the game and is enthusiastic. 
  • This is a listening activity, so her son does not look at any letters or words.
  • When her son says the letter name, C, instead of the letter sound, /k/, Mom tells him that he would be right if he were spelling the word, but for now, they are just listening to the sounds in words.