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Phonological Awareness: Syllables — Clap Words

Conversations help children learn sounds in words. There are many different sounds in every word. Being able to separate words into parts called syllables will help children learning to read or spell the word.

Demonstrate at least one example for each activity below.

Let’s review the Clap Word Parts to help your child identify syllables.

  • Say a word in parts and clap for each part (el-e-phant = 3 claps).
  • Ask your child to say the whole word (elephant).
  • Once confident in this activity, have your child clap and say a word in parts (go-ril-la) and you say the word (gorilla).

Let your child choose a book for this activity. While reading, select some words from the book and have your child determine how many syllables are in those words. You can use any book and choose any words to show how syllables work. This video demonstrates how to practice syllables with your child: